Get My Tech LLC

Tech Support and training when you need it!

What can I use my tech credits on?

  • Technical issues with desktop, laptop, tablet, Chromebook, , phone, TV, internet connectivity  

  • Hardware upgrades

  • Technology Tune-ups

  • Lessons – General computer, program specific (Word, Excel, G Suite, etc), social media use

  • Hardware Installation

  • Home and Small Business network upgrades

  • Data Backups

 What happens if I run out of credits in a given month?

Did you go over on your credits for the month and need more help?  No problem! You can buy more credits in $15 intervals, based on how much more you’ll need/want. 

What if I don’t use all 60 credits in one month?

If you have extra credits in a given month that didn’t get used, they will roll over to the next month. If you have a balance  of 90 credits or more at the end of two months,  we will schedule a full technology tune up and data backup for you. 

Will I have the same technician for each call?

Yes,  only one technician is designated to a specific service area.  We assign a limited number of customers to a technician, so they are never overbooked.