Get My Tech LLC

Tech Support, training, and media services supporting southern Monmouth and Northern Ocean counties in New Jersey, USA

Stop overpaying for tech support!!

Sometimes you need a quick fix, or overlooked something simple. Why have to pay for more time than you use?

At Get My Tech LLC, we believe that our system is a great way to fight back against inflation, providing support at a fair price. With our Tech Credit system, subscribers get “by the minute” tech support. as one minute of support is worth 1 credit.  If you have a tech call that only takes 10 minutes, you only use up 10 tech credits, letting you maintain a balance of tech credits for future use. 

This allows you more access to tech support for those little things, like a printer jam, a frozen computer, installing a piece of hardware, etc.  We also take care of bigger issues as well! The best part? We’re local, no virtual sessions needed, we come directly to you! 

We also provide media services, where we can help you with content creation for social media, and even create commercials for your business.


How it works

We have two subscription plans: Lite and Full. Lite provides you with 60 tech credits per month, where Full provides you with 120 tech credits per month.

Tech credits can be used for tech support, training, technology consultation, or media services like social media content creation and commercial production.

This deal also gives you access to text, call or e-mail questions, advice, just about anything regarding technology you might you have on your mind! You don’t just get a technician, you get a technology advisor that can help research new equipment, guide you through how do perform a specific task on your computer, and even make calls to service providers for you, so you don’t have to wait on hold!

We only take on a very limited amount of customers to ensure that we are never overbooked to help you out! 

Your support subscription covers ALL of the technology you want support for in your home, even direct family members’ devices. 

Give us a call or email, and we’ll set up a free consultation to see if Get My Tech is right for your needs!

Summary of Service:

Subscription Plans –  

Lite Plan – 60 Tech Credits for $60 per month, ideal for home users.

Full Plan – 120 Tech Credits for $120 per month, ideal for small businesses. 

Subscriptions are billed monthly from the date you sign up for service,  via auto-renewal. Cancellation of service will go into effect upon the following month’s billing cycle, please notify us 5 days prior to your renewal date to ensure cancellation prior to renewal.

Additional credits can be purchased on a one-time purchase in blocks of 15 credits for $15. 

Who benefits from our services?

  • Small Businesses/Mom & Pop Shops –Nothing hampers business as much as when your technology isn’t working. Our Small Business Owners  often can’t afford to have a technician on their payroll, so our Tech Credits plan gives business owners the peace of mind they need when technology misbehaves. In addition, our media services can be used to help you with social media content creation to improve your brand, as well as produce commercials for TV, Internet and Radio with you.

  • Senior Citizens – Our Senior Citizens were thrust into a world of technology they weren’t born into. Technology is evolving by the moment, and our Senior Citizens are left to struggle to survive in a digital world.  With over two decades of customer support across all ages, we are empathetic to our Senior Citizens, and take the time to  help them learn at their own pace and encourage them to ask questions. Our Tech Credits system gives Senior Citizens more access to support for those quicker calls, as well as patient technology training.

  • Remote Workers -Being out of the office means you can’t yell down the hall for the IT guy when you need them. Our flexible tech plan puts IT access just a few minutes away from you. This is especially useful for remote workers who are using their own technology, as opposed to devices provided by an employer, which are often locked down by their security/tech team.